Joan Albanell
We aim to deliver innovative precision medicine and immunotherapy to cancer patients.

Group leaders: 14 Men  3 Women
Ablative therapies in oncology surgery
Fernado Burdío
Applied clinical research in hematological malignancies
Antonio Salar
Cancer stem cells and metastasis dynamics
Toni Celià-Terrassa
Colorectal Neoplasms Clinical and Translational Research Group
Xavier Bessa/Miquel Pera
Gastroesophageal Carcinogenesis
Manuel Pera
Genitourinary cancer
Josep Lloreta
Immune redirection
Joaquín Arribas
Intercellular Communication in Cancer and Ageing
Patrick-Simon Welz
Mechanisms of Tumorigenesis and Tumor Progression
Antonio García de Herreros
Molecular cancer therapeutics
Joan Albanell
Molecular Mechanisms of Cancer and Stemness
Lluís Espinosa
New Cancer Molecular Targets
Pilar Navarro
Poly (ADP-ribose) Polymerases
José Yélamos
Radiation Oncology
Manuel Algara
Stems cells and cancer
Anna Bigas
Translational research group on hematological neoplasms
Blanca Espinet
Translational research in tumor microenvironment
Alexandre Calon